Book Prevents Flat Head

The cost of expensive helmet therapy averages $4,000.
Babies who need helmets must wear them 23.5 hours per day!

Typically, a course of physical therapy costs hundreds, or thousands, of dollars. This guide gives you access to all my expertise, at a fraction of the price.

Complete Flat Head Prevention Package

Avoid expensive helmets and surgery. This refined, tested program includes everything you need to prevent a flat head.

Dr. Flores refined her specialized techniques with over 10,000 babies. She has a 100% success rate working with babies in her clinic. The methods she teaches are proven, and bring the fastest results possible.

Flat head complete prevention package

With our Complete Prevention Package, you will:

 Get instant access to the complete flat head prevention book ($21.99 Value)
 Be able to identify and fix problems early
 Feel relaxed and confident, knowing your baby is getting the best possible care
 Get access to a live, exclusive teleconference hosted by leading pediatric expert, Dr. Yvette Flores
 Lock in our special discount price forever on Skype follow-ups - $75 $60 / 30-min Skype session
 Bonus Download: “The 10 Questions Parents Must Ask their Pediatrician Right Away”

We’ll be with you through the resolution of your baby’s challenges. If you need extra support, we’re here for you! With this package you’ll lock in an exclusive discount price for any future follow-up sessions you might want.

Complete Flat Head Prevention Package
$100  $67  

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Instant Download

How to Avoid Flat Head & Delays in Your Baby's First Year

With this book, you will:

 Get access to leading expert guidance on flat head prevention
 Identify problems early, before they become permanent
 Feel relaxed and confident, knowing your baby is getting the best possible care
 Know exactly what you can do at home to prevent permanent problems

$21.99  $9.99 for Instant Download  

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